today: sunday september 25th Daily menu tomorrow: monday september 26th
Tomato soup with mascarpone cheese and potato gnocchi85 CZK
Spaghetti with sea bream, tomatoes, garlic and white wine245 CZK
Roast shank of lamb with potato purée with Parmesan485 CZK
Tomato soup with mozzarella58 CZK
Peppers stuffed with ricotta cheese, crushed tomatoes, basil145 CZK
Lasagne with Naples ragout175 CZK
Pumpkin soup65 CZK
Burrata with roast tomatoes, croutons and basil185 CZK
Potato gnocchi with mushroom ragout and spinach195 CZK
tomorrow: monday september 26th Daily menu today: sunday september 25th
Roast beef with pickles, 100 g, steamed rice125 CZK
Pork shoulder braised in mushrooms, 100 g, pasta105 CZK
Homemade meatloaf, 120 g, potato puree105 CZK
Boiled beef neck with dill sauce, 100 g, bread dumplings125 CZK
Pork risotto with cheese and pickled cucumber, 300 g129 CZK
Roast pork leg with creamy sauce and ham, 100 g, bread dumplings119 CZK
Baked pasta with ham, 300 g119 CZK
Roast beef with tomato sauce, 100 g, pasta, carrot salad125 CZK
Pork shoulder braised in cumin, 100 g, steamed rice, carrot salad115 CZK
Minced pork schnitzel, 100 g, potato puree, carrot salad125 CZK
Pork shoulder braised in cumin, 100 g, pasta105 CZK
Roast beef with sauce and eggs, 100 g, steamed rice125 CZK
Baked chicken leg stuffed with bacon, 250 g, potato puree135 CZK
Roast beef, natural style, 100 g, steamed rice, carrot salad119 CZK
Roast pork neck with braised cabbage, 100 g, potato dumplings, carrot salad109 CZK
Sliced potatoes baked with ham, 300 g, carrot salad119 CZK
Roast beef with sauce and red peppers, 100 g, steamed rice115 CZK
Potato dumplings filled with smoked meat, 300 g125 CZK
Chicken schnitzel fried in butter, 240 g, potato puree139 CZK
Pumpkin soup48 CZK
Spaghetti Trapanese with basil, almonds, pecorino cheese and sundried tomatoes125 CZK
Risotto nero with squid138 CZK
Duck breast with potato gnocchi, carrots and spinach195 CZK
Mashed peas, smoked beef tongue, pickles145 CZK
Turkey medallions with herbs, couscous with vegetables195 CZK
Bean soup55 CZK
Marinated mackerel, horseradish kefir, kohlrabi, cucumber148 CZK
Grilled chicken breast with roasted vegetables188 CZK
Mezzalune stuffed with Mozzarella in a chanterelle sauce175 CZK
Minestrone58 CZK
Burrata with tomatoes and basil185 CZK
Risotto Milanese with oxtail and smoked bone marrow225 CZK
Lasagne with chicken and spinach188 CZK
Smoked beef neck roll boiled in one´s own juice, fresh horseradish, creamy mashed potatoes178 CZK
Daily menu
Daily menu Česky Prague Pilsen Brno

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