today: thursday december 14th Daily menu tomorrow: friday december 15th
Minced beef and pork burger steak, 120 g, potato puree115 CZK
Pork risotto with cheese and pickled cucumber, 300 g129 CZK
Baked pasta with smoked porcini mushrooms, 300 g129 CZK
Boiled neck of beef with dill sauce, 100 g, bread dumplings129 CZK
Veal shoulder braised with mushrooms, 100 g, pasta155 CZK
Cabbage soup with sausage45 CZK
Chicken breast schnitzel fried in butter, 120 g, potato salad, fruit compote195 CZK
Beef braised in bacon, 100 g, steamed rice129 CZK
Roast beef cheeks, 150 g, potato puree149 CZK
Baked pasta with ham, 300 g125 CZK
Roast chicken roll with stuffing, 100 g, buttered potatoes135 CZK
Boiled eggs and potatoes in dill sauce119 CZK
Frankfurter soup45 CZK
Beef roasted in a mushroom sauce, steamed rice, soup149 CZK
Stuffed pork side, braised cabbage, 100 g, potato dumplings125 CZK
Goulash with sausages, 100 g, bread, soup119 CZK
Savoy cabbage patties, 200 g, buttered potatoes119 CZK
Cauliflower soup35 CZK
Roast beef, natural style, 100 g, steamed rice125 CZK
Stuffed pork side, braised cabbage, 100 g, potato dumplings129 CZK
Pepper stuffed with minced meat, 100 g, bread dumplings129 CZK
Rolled pork filled with cabbage and bacon, 120 g, buttered potatoes129 CZK
Savoy cabbage patties, 200 g, potato puree125 CZK
Mini buns covered with vanilla cream119 CZK
Turkey breast schnitzel fried in butter, 120 g, potato puree, cabbage salad with horseradish169 CZK
fried Camembert, 100g, cranbberies, buttered potatoes, cabbage salad with horseradish149 CZK
Chicken schnitzel fried in butter, 150 g, potato puree195 CZK
Braised pork shoulder with creamy sauce, 100 g, bread dumplings, soup125 CZK
Minced pork schnitzel, 100 g, potato puree, soup125 CZK
Gnocchi with sauerkraut and smoked meat, soup119 CZK
Chicken soup with vegetable omelette49 CZK
Frankfurter soup39 CZK
Beer-braised pork chops with barley, soup275 CZK
Beef braised in Savoy cabbage, 100 g, steamed rice, soup125 CZK
White pudding sausage with sauerkraut, boiled potatoes, soup125 CZK
Minced pork schnitzel, 100 g, potato puree, soup125 CZK
Braised pork kidneys with onion sauce, 150 g109 CZK
Fried champignon mushrooms with our tartar sauce, 150 g119 CZK
Tomato Minestra (0,2 l)69 CZK
Pizza maiale148 CZK
Tagliatelle with genoese ragout148 CZK
Cauliflower soup with garlic croutons55 CZK
Tortelloni stuffed with pumpkin in butter, with fresh sage and orange peel138 CZK
Spaghetti with salmon155 CZK
Pork tenderloin with Dijon sauce, broccoli on butter and roasted potatoes225 CZK
Roasted pork neck,145 CZK
Fillet of carp with garlic,195 CZK
Pumpkin soup, whey, sunflower seeds85 CZK
Bruschetta with mushrooms, spinach and gorgonzola175 CZK
Grilled sea bream on vegetable risotto238 CZK
Tortelloni stuffed with ricotta, Gorgonzola sauce and walnuts225 CZK
Fish soup, bread, vegetable, smoked carp85 CZK
Farmer´s chicken, Jerusalem artichoke, thyme, mushroom338 CZK
Potato dumplings, curd cheese, poppy, sweet roll165 CZK
tomorrow: friday december 15th Daily menu today: thursday december 14th
Braised pork shoulder with creamy sauce, 100 g, bread dumplings129 CZK
Pork braised in paprika, 100 g, steamed rice125 CZK
Fricasseed tripe, 150 g115 CZK
Frankfurt-style roast beef, 100 g, bread dumplings129 CZK
Beef braised in pepper, 100 g, steamed rice119 CZK
Boiled neck of beef with champignon sauce, 100 g, steamed rice129 CZK
Pork knuckle goulash with horseradish, 100 g, potato dumplings125 CZK
Hussar roll, pork side stuffed with meat, 100 g, potato puree129 CZK
Wine sausage, 150 g, buttered potatoes129 CZK
Boiled cauliflower mixed with eggs, 200 g105 CZK
Garlic soup39 CZK
Roast beef with pickles, 100 g, steamed rice, soup125 CZK
Pork shoulder braised in cumin, 100 g, pasta, soup109 CZK
Baked chicken leg stuffed with bacon, 250 g, potato puree, soup135 CZK
Potato dumplings filled with smoked meat, 300 g135 CZK
Beef roll filled with bacon, egg, onion and pickles, 120 g, steamed rice, soup129 CZK
Fillet of steak, 120 g, potato puree, soup139 CZK
Sliced potatoes baked with ham, 300 g, soup125 CZK
Strong beef broth with dropped flour noodles39 CZK
South Bohemian soup39 CZK
Beef roll filled with bacon, egg, onion and pickles, 120 g, steamed rice, soup129 CZK
Pork braised with pumpkin, 100 g, buttered potatoes, soup115 CZK
Sliced potatoes baked with ham, 300 g, soup125 CZK
Black pudding sausage with sauerkraut and crushed potatoes135 CZK
Baked mushroom pasta with pickles, 300 g125 CZK
Pumpkin soup (0,2 l)69 CZK
Pizza bianca with chicken148 CZK
Tagliatelle with spinach pesto148 CZK
Fennel soup55 CZK
Rigatoni with Portobello mushrooms, sheep cheese and chilli peppers138 CZK
Spaghetti Bolognese148 CZK
Roasted veal breasts on red wine with carrot and potato purée215 CZK
“Kuba”145 CZK
Roast beef,195 CZK
Chicken broth, egg, noodles58 CZK
Sicilian orange salad with fennel, onion and walnuts155 CZK
Trout from the Vacov farm, barley, beetroot195 CZK
Ravioli filled with peas, mascarpone178 CZK
Tuscany soup with croutons68 CZK
Bresaola with rocket, mushrooms and Parmesan178 CZK
Beef shin braised in vegetables, Parmesan ravioli and roast oyster mushrooms235 CZK
Spaghetti with tomatoes and smoked mozzarella195 CZK
Daily menu
Daily menu Česky Prague Pilsen Brno

Pork feasts

U Bílé kuželky 20. 1.

A nice smell from pots and pans will also be floating around the Lesser Town! Musicians will be playing for all they are worth; beer will be flowing and our butchers will prepare a good deal of pig-killing feast delicatessen! As usual, all the great meals can be enjoyed eaten here or taken away to your home. Traditionally, knives are already being sharpened up by our butcher Jaroslav Benda and our chefs Martin Filip and Petr Benda.

Hamburk 13. 1.

Beer, tripe sausages, black pudding, traditional soup from the pig-slaughtering feast, steaks, plum brandy, butchers, accordionist, freezing weather, solid attendance and smiles. In a nutshell, that’s the extremely successful pig-killing feast last year. Let’s go and repeat it this year too!  František Kšána, a butcher, and Michal Bučkó, a chef, will be happy to see you in the park in the Karlínské náměstí.

Pod Divadlem 20. 1.

The Pilseners already know… Just like every year, you can expect a generous pork feast with great pork delicacies. Our very own butcher Fanda Kšána will come tell you (not only) about all things related to pig slaughtering and making pork specialties. Our chef Standa Pressl will give him a helping and the staff lead by Tereza Mayerová will be giving smiles to everybody. A live band won’t be missing either.

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