today: friday january 18th Daily menu tomorrow: saturday january 19th
Roast beef with tomato sauce, 100 g, bread dumplings135 CZK
Roast chicken roll with stuffing, 100 g, potato puree135 CZK
Braised pork kidneys with onion sauce, 150 g, steamed rice109 CZK
Braised pork shoulder with creamy sauce, 100 g, Carlsbad dumplings125 CZK
Beef brisket braised in garlic with spinach, 100 g, potato dumplings129 CZK
Cabbage soup with sausage45 CZK
Tripe soup49 CZK
Chicken breast schnitzel fried in butter, 120 g, potato puree, fruit compote195 CZK
Beef tokan, 100 g, steamed rice135 CZK
Pork shoulder braised in cumin, 100 g, pasta129 CZK
Minced beef and pork burger steak, 120 g, potato puree135 CZK
Butcher’s goulash, 150 g, bread135 CZK
Pilsner pork goulash, 100 g, bread, soup119 CZK
Roast beef ribs, spinach, 100 g, potato dumplings, soup125 CZK
Braised pork kidneys with onion sauce, 150 g, steamed rice, soup115 CZK
Pepper stuffed with minced meat, 100 g, pasta125 CZK
Chicken thigh schnitzel fried in butter, 120 g, potato puree, fruit compote169 CZK
Boiled neck of beef with dill sauce, 100 g, bread dumplings129 CZK
Baked beef with sauce and eggs, 100 g, steamed rice129 CZK
Country-style roast pork shoulder with spinach, 100 g, potato dumplings135 CZK
Fried champignon mushrooms with our tartar sauce, 150 g, buttered potatoes125 CZK
Beef roll filled with bacon, egg, onion and pickles, 120 g, steamed rice, soup135 CZK
Grilled minced meat rolls, 125 g, buttered potatoes, soup119 CZK
Sweet and sour lentils and sausages, soup125 CZK
Wine sausage, 150 g, mashed potatoes with onion119 CZK
Chicken soup with vegetable omelette49 CZK
Potato soup with mushrooms45 CZK
Pork neck steak with mustard sauce, 250 g, buttered potatoes, soup245 CZK
Beef roll filled with bacon, egg, onion and pickles, 120 g, steamed rice, soup135 CZK
Pork braised with pumpkin, 100 g, buttered potatoes, soup115 CZK
Sliced potatoes baked with ham, 300 g, soup125 CZK
Grilled minced meat rolls, 125 g125 CZK
Sour lentils with sausage125 CZK
Onion soup75 CZK
Pizza marinara158 CZK
Spaghetti with neapolitan ragout158 CZK
Broccoli soup65 CZK
Tagliatelle with spinach, mushrooms, walnuts and cream148 CZK
Risotto with chicken and tomatoes168 CZK
Roast brisket of beef with carrots on butter with potato purée225 CZK
Pasta bake with smoked meat,198 CZK
Red lentil soup75 CZK
Beets roasted in thyme with buffalo mozzarella178 CZK
Roast chicken with stuffing, smoked potato purée225 CZK
Tortelloni stuffed with pumpin and ricotta225 CZK
Carrot soup, mustard95 CZK
Jerusalem´s artichoke, curd cheese248 CZK
Carrot roll, buckthorn165 CZK
Strong chicken broth with chicken and semolina45 CZK
Grilled quarter chicken with green salad125 CZK
Lunch box: 1/4 chicken, salad řeposlav, roast potatoes158 CZK
tomorrow: saturday january 19th Daily menu today: friday january 18th
Onion soup with croutons and pecorino68 CZK
Beets roasted in thyme with buffalo mozzarella178 CZK
Lasagna with chicken, spinach and mushrooms208 CZK
Daily menu
Daily menu Česky Prague Pilsen Brno

Loyalty Card

A registered loyalty cardholder (hereinafter referred to as “Cardholder”) is entitled to take advantage of discounts and/or benefits under the Programme for Friends of Good Food (hereinafter referred to as the “Programme”), which are associated with the corresponding type of loyalty card. 

Any natural entity may become a loyalty Cardholder, provided he/she meets the specified conditions, agrees with these Rules and activates the card in accordance with the respective instructions on the website of AMBI CZ. Proper activation of the card is in particular deemed the provision of true and correct required personal data. Neither a company nor a legal entity may engage in the Programme.

Programme administration is guaranteed by AMBI CZ, s. r. o., with registered office in Maisel Street 38/15, Prague 1 Josefov, 110 00, Company ID No.: 63984881, entered into the Commercial Register kept by the Municipal Court in Prague, Section C, File No. 38156 (hereinafter referred to as “AMBI CZ”), which covers the operation of individual restaurants included in the Programme. Loyalty cards are the property of AMBI CZ and may be used only under the conditions of the Programme and in accordance with these Rules.  


Card Activation

An interested person may obtain a loyalty card in any restaurant, specified pursuant to the Programme conditions for the issue of the respective type of card. The card is used mainly for record of payments for consumption in restaurants included in the Programme. Without presenting a valid loyalty card, it is not possible to record the payments made or claim a bonus.

The loyalty card is not transferable and is valid only with the signature of the Cardholder. The card does not constitute an electronic payment instrument and serves only to record payments for consumption, paid by the Cardholder in individual restaurants included in the Programme.

In order to redeem a discount and/or take advantage of the benefits of the Programme, it is necessary to perform entry registration on the website of AMBI CZ, under the tab Loyalty Card – Card Activation. By registering, a customer account is created and the card is activated. The Cardholder confirms his/her registration by agreeing with the terms and conditions of the Programme and these Rules.


Obtaining Bonuses

The Cardholder can request proof of the payment made for consumption in restaurants included in the Programme. For every thousand Czech crowns recorded in the respective calendar month through the card onto the customer account, the Cardholder will receive a bonus in the corresponding value. The bonus will be credited to the Cardholder’s customer account always on the first day of the following calendar month. Any balance of recorded payments credited to the card, in the respective calendar month, which is less than the amount of one thousand crowns, will be transferred to the next month.

Any payment for consumption can be credited to the customer account, only if a valid loyalty card is presented upon payment.

It is not possible to accumulate sums on the loyalty card that are spent on the purchase of gift vouchers or goods bought at the “Naše maso” butcher’s or through an online store.

The current total (balance) of unused bonuses will appear on the bill for consumption or on the customer account accessible through the AMBI CZ website. Acquired bonuses can then be applied at any time in the form of discounts when paying for consumption in any restaurant included in the Programme. Earned bonuses can be claimed only upon presenting the loyalty card.

If the Cardholder does not select the option “I wish to use bonus automatically during my next payment” in his/her customer account, individual bonuses earned for the previous calendar month are added up and will be applied only at the request of the Cardholder.

Earned bonuses may be redeemed in the amount of up to 75% of the price pf consumption on the relevant receipt.

AMBI CZ reserves the right to change the value of bonuses at any time, while each change will be effective on the date the notice is posted on the website of AMBI CZ. Earned bonuses are not transferable and can not be exchanged for cash, inherited or in any way disposed.  

There is no legal claim to bonuses, discounts or other benefits provided under the Programme or loyalty card. Unless explicitly stated otherwise in the conditions of the Programme, discounts when redeeming bonuses and other discounts or benefits, provided under the Programme or loyalty card can not be added together, or applied in conjunction with other discounts and benefits, offered by AMBI CZ. A Cardholder is not entitled to apply a discount or benefits associated with multiple loyalty cards at the same time.


Privacy Statement

AMBI CZ meets the requirements of the Office for Personal Data Protection, which is registered under number 00038916. By providing personal data upon activation of the loyalty card, the Cardholder grants his/her explicit consent to processing thereof in accordance with Act No. 101/2000 Coll. on Protection of Personal Data, as amended. Registered personal data is processed in the information system for marketing and offering of services, including the implementation of activities related to the Programme, provision of bonuses and use of the loyalty card.   

Personal data is processed and used mainly for the purposes of identification of Cardholders and mutual communication. AMBI CZ is entitled to process personal data by means of a specified processor/processors, while the Cardholder acknowledges that such specified processor or processors are no longer subject to his/her further consent.  

By disclosing and sending electronic contacts, email and telephone numbers when activating the loyalty card, consent is granted to AMBI CZ at the same time in accordance with Act No. 480/2004 Coll. on Certain Information Society Services and amending certain acts, as amended, for sending commercial communications, promotional materials and/or information about marketing activities of restaurants included in the Programme. This consent is granted for an indefinite period with full authorization to withdraw it in writing at any time.

In the event of a change in registered personal data, it is necessary to update it as soon as possible. Update of personal information, in particular email and postal addresses, can be carried out through a request sent to the email address or directly in the customer account on the AMBI CZ website.


Withdrawal from the Programme

The Cardholder may apply at any time for the cancellation of his/her participation in the Programme by sending a request to the email address Upon receipt of such request, without undue delay AMBI CZ will cancel the customer account and delete all personal data registered by the Cardholder, thereby deactivating the respective card.  

AMBI CZ reserves the right to terminate participation in the Programme to any Cardholder, if the loyalty card is not used for longer than 36 months. Moreover, AMBI CZ is also entitled to cancel a customer account and deactivate a card, especially if a Cardholder:
- provided false information when registering;
- used the loyalty card in conflict with these Rules;
- misused the benefits of the Programme or loyalty card;
- misused trademarks or by any other means damaged the good reputation of AMBI CZ.

With the termination of the Programme or cancellation of a customer account and deactivation of a loyalty card, all bonuses recorded on the respective customer account are also cancelled.  


Change and Termination of the Programme

The Cardholder will be informed of possible changes in the Programme through the website or by email, or in writing.

AMBI CZ reserves the right to change these Rules and/or conditions of the Programme, in particular the offered rewards, benefits, discounts and offers within the Programme, or put into effect new conditions, which always come into force on the date of publication on the website of AMBI CZ. Furthermore, AMBI CZ reserves the right to terminate the Programme at any time without giving any reason.

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