today: saturday january 25th Daily menu tomorrow: sunday january 26th
Oyster mushroom soup75 CZK
Beets roasted in thyme with buffalo mozzarella185 CZK
tomorrow: sunday january 26th Daily menu today: saturday january 25th
Broccoli soup68 CZK
Beets roasted in thyme with buffalo mozzarella185 CZK
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The Student Card or Senior Card allows you to take advantage of our Programme for Friends of Good Food.

Complete information about the loyalty Programme for Friends of Good Food can be found at under the Loyalty Card tab, or here.

Payments added to the Student Card and Senior Card in Lokál restaurants, are included in the bonus of the loyalty Programme.


Student Card

The Student Card is always issued for one calendar year upon presentation of a valid ISIC card or other proof of study in effect until the end of January of the next year.

Senior Card

Upon issuance of the card, we reserve the right to ask for documents showing your date of birth.

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